Slayer Steam EP 2 Group, 220V

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Slayer Steam EP represents a culmination of ten years in dedication toward craftsmanship and the design of advanced barista tools. Bar flow and easy maneuvering throughout beverage production were a driving force of the barista interface. Featuring advanced dual volumetrics for shot extraction, impeccable design and durability, with the most irresistible price point into the Slayer product line. Steam EP is a top performer and value-add contender for businesses that rely heavily on consistent, high volume beverage production.

Speed and efficiency in the steaming workflow are achieved with the addition of an electronic solenoid valve. The user-friendly barista dashboard offers quick access to change shot volumes, enable the automatic purge cycle, fast and deep cleaning regimens and many more quick need features. Advanced dual volumetrics for shot extraction offer consistency and quality in every shot. Steam EP features include push button activated volumetrics, shot counters and a password protected menu

Available in Anodized aluminum finish, body color

Ideal for: High-volume cafes, retail chains, and specialty coffee shops

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Manufacturer Slayer

Outfitted with soft-touch actuators and portafilers, and cup rails for elegance and durability. The Slayer Steam EP is undoubtedly the most intuitive machine for mass production of specialty coffee beverages.

Essential Features

• Independent brew tanks

• PID temperature control, adjustable in 0.1°

• Electronic grouphead rated to 1 million cycles

• Dual-Volumetric, two volumetric settings
per group

• Enable Auto Purge, a two second water flush to
maintain cleanliness between extractions

• Commercial portafilter (spouted or bottom-
less) with 58-millimeter, 18- gram basket

• Hot water tap with mixing valve

• Automatic shot lights

• Non-slip feet

• External rotary pump

• Available in three group model


• Width: 34 inches / 86.5 centimeters

• Length: 27.75 inches / 70.5 centimeters

• Height: 16.75 inches / 42.5 centimeters

• Weight: 220 pounds / 100 kilograms
(tanks filled)

• Brew tanks: 1.7 liters, 600 watts

• Steam tank: 7.4 liters, 3,500 watts

• Single-phase power:
200-260 volts AC, 50/60 hertz, 26 amps

• Three-phase power (optional):
380-400 volts AC, 50/60 hertz, 17 amps

• Wattage: 4,700 watts

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