Slayer Steam LP 3 Group, 220V

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Slayer Steam LP includes a polished stainless steel body and glossy ink wings for the sleekest look on your bar. This machine allows for a dynamic change in espresso flavor profile and allow for a much finer grind with the pre-infusion. • Pre-Infusion; up to 10 seconds. You are able to set at line pressure or below for a soft pre-infusion. • Paddle actuators have 2 volumetric settings per group • Manual button, once pressed you enter manual mode very similar to the Slayer Espresso Model • Quick calibration option, when in manual you can press the button again and tell the LP the volume out to quickly calibrate your flowmeter • Adjustable drip tray and shot lights • Shot timers, brew temperatures, show volume in grams, shot counters, quick clean and full clean cycle • Password protection option • Hot water dose (2 presets) • Easy touch steam wands
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Manufacturer Slayer