Nuova Simonelli Appia II Compact Vol 2gr with Autosteam Wand

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The Appia II Compact condenses all of the features of the Appia II into one efficient package. Reducing the width of this machine by 9 inches from that of the original, allows this machine to fit into any setting. All the while still maintaining two groups, two steam wands, and a hot water spout.

Suitable for: Low to Medium volume locations, restaurants, small shops, demanding professionals.


The Appia II Compact Vol. is the ideal machine for baristas looking for amazingly consistent coffee. Being volumetric this machine allows baristas to program desired volumes and consistently pull shots at that volume throughout the day. Because the barista no longer has to monitor each and every shot, they are given precious time to interact with customers or perhaps begin another order. Making this machine ideal for a number of shops and setups.

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Manufacturer Nuova Simonelli
Size Short (10 cm)