Astoria Sabrina SAE 2 Group Espresso Machine - Black

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This product is a two-group espresso machine with brown panels. The product picture represents a three-group machine with black panels.

Introducing the Astoria Sabrina 2 group with Display. Taking inspiration from the vintage style of the 60's, Sabrina, the new born in the Astoria family, stands out for its character and elegance. Sinuous and harmonious lines, underlined by touches of light irradiating from the background, characterize the machine side panels. Soft and dynamic features bring together the professional character and the bold but refined style of the chromed group covers. A unique and charming design at the service of technology, handiness and reliability for a final result offering great quality and versatility in any performance.


  • Mixed hot water
  • Raised groups with foldaway cup-stands
  • Built-in motor pump
  • Led lighting of the work space, White Lights are default
  • Multicolor RGB lights on the side panels - Additional Feature, call for rates! 
  • Milk frothing wand 
  • Cappuccino maker "Cool Touch" wand  - Additional Feature, call for rates! 
  • Also available in White

Display functions:

The display allows the setting and control of the following functions:

  • Date and time
  • Language
  • Automatic on/off settings
  • Boiler pressure adjustment
  • Working temperature of cup-warmer
  • Autosteamer temperature
  • Warning signal for manual water softener regeneration or filter substitution
  • Current boiler temperature and pressure warning light to indicate principal malfunctionings
  • Counting of single coffees per group and totalization

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Size Short (10 cm)