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E61 Group - Factory Cut Bottomless Portafilter

F_354B E61 Group - Factory Cut Bottomless Portafilter E61 Group - Factory Cut Bottomless Portafilter

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Manufacturer: LF

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Quick Overview

E61 Group - Factory Cut Bottomless Portafilter
Product description

This E61 Group standard bottomless or naked portafilter features a clean precision cut and chrome job where a bottom and spout once resided. This portafilter will fit most any E61 style group head machine from manufacturers such as Faema, Grimac, Magister, V.F.A., and some Brasilia models. Comes standard with a 21 gram basket.

Using this portafilter the barista can watch the coffee brew right from the bottom of the filter basket and know immediately if channeling occurs, signaling the user that a level tamp was not made which makes this an invaluable tool for training.

This is an item that created quite a stir in the specialty coffee industry, crossing over to espresso hobby and enthusiasts as well. The bottomless portafilter has been referred to as "naked", but what ever you call it, it is truly a revelation. Another innovation Espresso Parts brought it to the market first, originally modifying our own with just exposed brass on the bottom and no chrome.

For an excellent guide on trouble shooting or "Perfecting the Naked Portafilter Extraction" read the article of the same title on Home-Barista.com.

Isomac and Giotto users! As the Isomac and Giotto use an E61 "style" group and the casting is slightly different than a traditional Faema E61, this may not work for you. We do not currently carry portafilters specifically for the Isomac, Elektra, Expobar or ECM, which all claim to have E61 groups, but are in fact slightly different. You may want to consider this one instead. In any event ALWAYS MEASURE YOUR EARS!

Caution: This particular Naked Portafilter has been produced by an espresso machine parts manufacturer, the inside is chromed all the way through and the bottom edge is very precise and can be relatively sharp.

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