EP Porcelain Latte Cups W/ Saucers (8oz)

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A set of 2 or 6 of our Cafe Style Latte Cups, which have an 8 oz (252 ml) serving size.

EPSL7 Latte Cup Specs:

  • On average, this cup holds 8 volumetric oz. (252 ml) when filled to the brim. (3-5% variance can be expected).
  • Fired at 1300 degrees to ensure maximum durability, chip resistance, and density.
  • This cup is designed for a 7 to 8 oz beverage
  • Height: 2.62" / 66.56 mm, Diameter: 4.22" / 107.18 mm
  • This product meets the standards for the WBrC (World Brewers Cup) and WLAC (World Latte Art Championship)
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

There are numerous reasons you are going to love this 8oz. latte cups and saucer from Espresso Parts. They are made from the highest quality porcelain, more dense and durable than traditional ceramic and stoneware. These latte cups and saucers can handle anything your kitchen staff can dish out!

The exterior of this latte cup is a high-gloss color, the interior, a creamy white. Espresso Parts latte cups and saucers are designed to meet our exact specifications and serving sizes, ideal for barista competitor serving sizes, like-minded cafes and espresso bars.

The quality of these latte cups will blow you away! Be assured that Espresso Parts would not put our name on these cups if they were not the best option available.


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They are a tiny bit larger (cups & saucers both) than your old 8oz cups so they don’t quite match. We were hoping to add to some cups we bought years ago. That being said, we like the new ones better.