Kruve Sieve XL Pack

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The XL Sifters are here to help you perfect your Cold Brew, Drip, Chemex and French Press. They work especially well with larger batch brews where the coffee is in contact with water longer.

The XL Pack contains the new, larger 1200um, 1400um and 1600um sieves. These sieves are not included in any of the SIFTER models.

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Manufacturer Kruve
Size Short (10 cm)

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2 Reviews

Stephen Hull

Excellent customer service and follow-up. In these challenging virus times, I placed my order, very fast delivery. They go the extra step. I appreciate the commitment to my order and satisfaction. A+++

James Jackson

I make a lot of cold brew coffee and very course grinds are required - at least that’s how I prefer it - and these sieves are a must have. I use the Kurve for all my pour over, French press and cold brew coffees and I find it absolutely essential for producing a very clean and pure tasting brew. Espresso Parts service was fast, the packaging was great and the communications were very informative. I highly recommend Espresso Parts....