Bonmac Black Ceramic Cone 2 cup Single Hole Coffee Dripper

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Bonmac 2 cup Single Hole Black Ceramic Cone Coffee Dripper.

The Bonmac dripper gives you, the professional barista or home barista, total control to make the best coffee that in itself is a work of art. The reason is that the dripper has a single hole that can slightly increase the dwell time and also control the coffee flow. An added bonus is a view slot so that if you're brewing directly into a cup, you can see how much coffee you've made. Total control over how much of your favorite coffee is being made to your high standards. Experience the best way to make pour over drip coffee.

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Manufacturer UCC Ueshima Coffee Co

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The dripper is crooked at the base so it does not firmly stay on top of the coffee mug or cup, and also the dripper doesn't drip consistently out of the hole but instead it kind of runs down the side and into the mug making it a little messier than your average dripper. Over all mediocre product but great service.