Holiday Brew Kits


Building a great home coffee set up may seem a little daunting. But the Yeti’s been brewing for years. He put together some special Holiday kits to help even the new coffee enthusiast get started…

And since we like to melt your faces, the products inside the kits are discounted to make it cheaper for you. Yeti approves


1.Chemex + Able Kone Filter

Chemex and the Able Kone Filter


2. Full Brew chemex kit

Chemex with the Able Kone Filter and electric Hario Kettle.



3. Hario v60 + Stand

Classic Hario v60 and decanter alongside the pour over stand and scale.


4. Aeropress + Able Filter

Aeropress kit including the paper filters and the Able disk fine filter for true recipe experimentation.


5. Kalita 102

Kalita 102 in line dripper with matching filters. And of course, the Kalita decanter to serve coffee.


6. Kalita Tsubame

The hand pressed Kalita 185 Tsubame dripper, 185 filters and the decanter.


7. Yama Holiday Pour over

Yama Glass Cone dripper in red for the Holidays. Plus Hario 02 filters and the Yama Glass decanter.


8. Yama Siphon Halogen kit 

Includes a Yama Glass Siphon and the gorgeous Yama Glass Halogen burner. For the serious scientific home baristas.


9. Barista Kit

Includes a 12oz Barista Basic steaming pitcher, Barista Basics steaming thermometer and a microfiber towel in blue.


10. Kalita Style Brew Kit 

Includes the Kalita Wave Style Brewer, Kalita 185 Filters and the Kalita Kettle


11. Sassy Tea Set


On top of all these crazy brew kits, we’ve added some new and some limited edition product that we couldn’t help but add to the Holiday Gift Guide.

12. Limited Edition Good Coffee Good Vibes Chemex. 

At Espresso Parts we’re all about the good coffee & good vibes. What better way to embody your super chillness than with this limited edition Chemex 6 Cup Coffeemaker? Good coffee. Good vibes. Love, Espresso Parts.

copper in use.jpg

13. Copper Alto Air Dripper

Stronger. Lighter. The AltoAir II is an upgrade to the first generation AltoAir. Maintaining the same minimal design to ensure the coffee filter doesn’t stick to the walls, reducing clogging and improving the consistency of your coffee. AltoAir II is made from aircraft grade Aluminium with an anodised copper finish. At a mere 36gms it is 40% lighter and 50% stronger than the first AltoAir, maintaining its shape perfectly and making it great for coffee shops and travel.


14. Hario Copper Kettle 

Hario V60 Coffee Drip Buono Kettle Copper 600ml. The Hario Buono Kettle is specially designed to be used in the pour over method of brewing coffee. The features of a standard gooseneck kettle have been tailored to bring efficiency and precision to the brew method. The result is simple: better coffee through control and consistency when brewing.