Custom Chemex

The folks at Soyuz Coffee Roasting do it right. They appreciate coffee and the people that make coffee happen. So when Soyuz came to us asking for custom Chemex handles for a select group of baristas, we jumped on it.

But what was the occasion? Spasskaya Tower 2015. Spasskaya Tower is the site of the International Music festival, an annual gathering of military bands celebrating the music and cultural heritage of countries like Great Britain, France and China that takes place in September.

And where exactly is Spasskaya Tower located?

The Red Square, Moscow.

Yep, Russia.

Thousands attended this year’s event which at times featured as many as 1,500 musicians onstage.

Amidst the marathon of “oom-pah-pah’s” and strenuous leg workouts, organizers worried attendees might fall prey to exhaustion. And so at the far end of the Red Square Soyuz Coffee Roasting set up shop in a small unassuming tent.

In order to keep up with an overwhelming flow of demand for caffeination, Soyuz Coffee Roasters enlisted some help. 

And if you’ve been involved with the coffee industry for any length of time you know the names of Hidenori Izaki and Stefanos Domatiotis, Charlotte Malaval, and Asli Yaman. These are the champions of the industry and they don’t mess around. To top things off, Soyuz decided to have these coffee masters Throwdown.


And for the winners of the Throwdown Soyuz wanted to do something great. Custom-designed Chemex fit the bill and so Soyuz came to us with the vision and we had to make it happen.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.16.58 AM(Photo Credit: @soyuzcoffee)


The most difficult part of this custom job was laser etching onto a concave surface. How do you keep the design from becoming stretched out as the handle curves?



Well with some good-old-fashioned-DIY-American-ingenuity we created a rig that allowed us to get the result we wanted. Overall we’re excited with how the design came out, and the folks at Soyuz agree.



It was a blast working with Soyuz and it made for a chance to flex creative problem-solving muscles.

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