2017 Holiday Gift Guide
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New on the shelves this year, Kruve has taken coffee by storm. Kruve allows you to make up for the mistakes of your grinder by sifting out the imperfections of your coffee grinder.
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Easily adjustable hand grinders were hard to come by until Handground launched their Kickstarter campaign back in 2015. It has since been brought to market and makes a killer gift to anyone looking to make coffee on the go.
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Good coffee, Good Vibes engraved on wood kneck of the iconic chemex. Great gift for a friend or family member just looking to chill with their coffee.
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Acaia pearl scale will bring out the coffee nerd in anyone. With a sleek design and free app, you can precisely measure your brew by aligning your scale with the brew method.
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The patent Alto Air design allows you to brew coffee on air yield a smooth cup ready to drink. This copper has a rose gold frosted tint.
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Sadly, not everyone drinks coffee and this classy hand blown glass tea brewer is fit for anyone that wants to finish their day with a cup of chammomeal
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Each handle is a unique piece of art, hand crafted and paired with a gold bezel, sure to become a statement piece next to your espresso machine.
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A collaboration between Findlay Hats in Portland Oregon and Espresso Parts. These hats have a unique texture and come with a stash pocket hidden inside.
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This ecofriendly book is designed to help  you continue to study coffee and refine your pallette. It makes it easy for any coffee lover to deep dive and keep track of the coffee they drink.
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Designed and hand crafted by a previous instrument maker in canada. This kettle pours unlike any other. The spout is beautifully crafted for a smooth, even and controlled pour.
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This Slim Cold Brewer fits perfectly in any home fridge to brew cold brew on hot summer afternoons with ease.
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The Hario copper coffee measurement spoon is a perfect gift for those classy friends of yours who store their coffee in glass air tight jars.
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Don’t underestimate this baby, it can brew coffee and tea in multiple ways! Plus use it for all of your crazy infusions.


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Gorgeous glass brewer with a copper base and handle. This brewer fits the Melita filters and has holes inline for the coffee to drip into your decanter or mug


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EP Jolly Roger Pocket T-shirt is made from a super soft cotton and polyester material as is a rad way to rock your coffee style.
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Thick porcelain diner mug with the iconic jolly roger logo to show off how hard core coffee you really are. Our most durable and long lasting mug.