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Adjusting the Grind: Espresso Grinders

Grinder Adjustment Wheel and Pin - Adjusting Your Espresso GrinderAdjusting your grinder is an important part of your daily routine as an espresso bar operator and Barista. This task is one of the environmental controls you will face daily.

As the temperature changes, you will need to adjust your grinder. If your shot times are off, or they pour too slow or fast, there's a good possibility the grind of the coffee is either too coarse (time too short) or too fine (time too long).

The grind of espresso can be adjusted from very coarse to very fine. To do this, push down on the Burr Lock--if your grinder has one--located partially under the Grinder Adjustment Wheel (where the bean hopper and grinder meet). Some models of grinders do not have a burr lock and rely on tension springs to hold the grind parameters, while others utilize a simple knob type adjustment.

Release the Burr Lock (if required) and rotate the Grinder Adjustment Wheel clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on manufacturer, one notch at a time. Some grinders are stepless, which means they don't have notches and don't click as you turn the wheel. If this is the case, just adjust the wheel bit by bit and test the grind between adjustments for desired consistency.

Release the Burr Lock (if required) and rotate the Grinder Adjustment Wheel clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the manufacturer. Again, adjust one notch at a time and test grind between adjustments.

Remember, every time you adjust the grind, you must empty the doser of the previous grind setting.

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