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Various European (BSP) Thread Fittings

Thread size chart - British standard pipe thread
Note: All thread sizes listed on our site are British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) thread size unless mentioned otherwise.
These sizes are not compatible with NPT (National Pipe Thread - the US standard for plumbing pipe) or compression (the US standard for interior home and business hose connections).
Advertised size - Inside diameter Outside Diameter (inches) Outside Diameter (mm) Comments
1/8" ~ 3/8 " ~ 9.5 mm NOT the same as NPT
1/4" ~ 1/2 " ~ 13 mm NOT the same as NPT
3/8" ~ 5/8 " ~ 16.5 mm NOT the same as NPT
1/2" ~ 7/8 " ~ 20.5 mm NOT the same as NPT
3/4" ~ 1 " ~ 24 mm NOT the same as NPT
For more information on the British Standard thread sizes click on this link.

You can also view a listing of all available fittings here, the majority of which are special order
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