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Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machine - Musica Direct Connection Lux

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Nuova Simonelli's Musica Direct Connect is the ideal espresso machine for low to medium-volume use where a machine with a water tank would be impractical and a two-group espresso machine would be overkill. If you have a bar, bed and breakfast or restaurant where you want high quality espresso but it would be impractical and too expensive to install a full sized machine - This is the machine for you.

Nuova Simonelli has brilliantly designed the Musica to look like something beyond the highest-end appliances and actually created something that should rightfully be called a piece of art!

The Musica Direct Connection espresso machine allows the user to program extraction time depending on the blend and personal taste. The direct connection feature makes the machine ideal for locations ready to produce higher volumes of high quality coffee. Designed for people who want professional quailty espresso at home or at the workplace.

The Lux version of the Nuova Simonelli Musica features white LED lighting on the edges, giving it a brilliant, modern look.

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